So what do we do at SMC ?

Basically we enjoy ourselves!!
A Club is about people with similar interests getting together to share their experiences and learn from each other to further their own interests.Slaithwaite Motor club is a group of like minded people of both sexes who enjoy Motorsport in all it's guises.Nowadays, from a competing stance, the club is primarily Rally orientated with members competing in both the regional championships and National championships in a variety of machinery from the economical to the downright expensive. The most important aspect of SMC is that we enjoy what we do.If you are not competing yourself, your skills could be invaluable to others in their quest for speed. Service crews are a valuable commodity with volunteers being swallowed up immediately. Marshals are also a rare breed being generally hard to find, but highly valued.We club members enjoy all the aspects of Motorsport and normally, if you mention something, someone has been there, done it, or at least knows someone else who has.We meet every Tuesday to discuss our sport at the Grange in Grange moor and everyone is welcome.SMC members organise all types of events throughout the year including BBQ's, Treasure hunts, visits to interesting venues and events, and we also have the occasional night out at local Go-kart circuits or indoor Bowling Alleys.Come along and join us,  be it Marshal, Competitor, Crew member, or just interested in motorsport but unsure of how to get involved, come and enthral us with you exploits.
Enjoy SMC with us!
Make SMC your Club